by Akira Uchiyama
Suggested size - 180 x 88 cm   (71 x 34.5 in)

Looking at clouds heavy with rainwater, it is worth keeping in mind that every drop falling into the soil nourishes seeds with moisture. Soil and water cause the seeds to swell. Then a surge is taking place within every single seed. The shell breaks and the sprout rushes up to the heavens.
In much the same way, the forces of life make us love. We cannot resist love. We love and it feels like our hearts will break our chest and rush into a flight along with the ones we love. It can be both painful and beautiful simultaneously.
This is how wisdom is born. Further, we can only give love and wisdom in the hope that each new generation will be able to grow their own sprouts - and that they will overshadow us.

Let your accumulated experience propel you forward