World Photographic Cup - Team Israel

Calling Israeli photographers worldwide to join the Israeli team!
The Israeli team is competing in the World

The World Photographic Cup is an international photography competition between nationally representative teams. Each country may submit one team.
The number of categories has grown over time. In 2024 there are 10 categories that a team can submit up to 3 photos to each:
- Commercial/Advertising
- Illustration/Digital Art
- Landscape
- Wildlife
- Illustrative Portrait
- Natural Portrait
- Photojournalism
- Sports
- Wedding - Open Theme
- Wedding - Documentary
Category descriptions can be found here:

Participation fees are paid as a single fee for the entire team of 400 euros, which will need to be divided among team members. Each team may submit a maximum of 30 photos total, with no more than 3 photos per category coming from one photographer if falling under different categories.

By submitting photos, you agree on their use for non-commercial digital publications, exhibitions, booklets, posters, photo books and magazines by the competition organizers for promotional purposes with photo credit to the photographer.
Participants must be prepared to provide the original, unedited photo file upon request.

Photo size: minimum 4000px long edge
Format: maximum 50MB JPEG
Color space: sRGB or Adobe 98 or Grayscale
Photos should not contain logos, names or other identifying information.

Please include your city of residence, email, and website or social media page in your application.
Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded in each category. Teams earn points based on top 10 contestants across categories, and the team with the highest score wins the World Photography Cup.

Please submit your work to:
1. AI generation is not allowed, but AI assistance in post-processing is acceptable.
2. New rules allow participation based on residence permits or multiple citizenships. See website for details.

All competition rules can be found at